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Island Love

Our mission explicitly includes the celebration and stewardship of Caribbean life! We take Island Love and community engagement seriously, and it is a big part of our business culture and our leadership experiences.

Made With Sunshine and Rain

The primary ingredient in our beer is rainwater delivered by mother nature with whom we have a wonderful relationship. Our large-capacity rainwater holding is followed by an advanced purification system that delivers the perfect base for each brew.

Both breweries will be completely solar powered and off-grid in 2021! Our abundant sunshine and carefully designed breweries and tasting rooms will be fully powered by the sun with modern Tesla batteries and power system management by West Indies Power.


We Love Local Farmers

We donate all of our brewery grain to local farmers--226,000 lbs in 2020! Local farmers use it for feed, mulch, and composting. We buy much of our produce and herbs from local farmers in the Caribbean and specialize in seasonal releases around crops and cultural events of the islands.

our partners

Preserving Paradise Partner Business. We work directly to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste streams in our business practices and collaboration with our customers with our Show Your Island Love Recycling Initiative.

Show Your Island Love is an initiative and service by Leatherback to get the public to recycle aluminum cans. Our staff pooled their resources and purchased a compactor/bailer, and we all volunteer to process hundreds of pounds of aluminum cans every month. This work is hosted at the St. Croix Brewery and Tasting Room.

Virgin Islands Clean Coasts Certified Eco-Business. This certification, through the VI Clean Coasts Program of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, is awarded following a rigorous assessment.

Our Team

Three of our four founders are proud to call this Caribbean island home while the fourth never misses a chance to work and play in this idyllic locale. They have all followed their own path into the world of craft beer, but have agreed that St. Croix was the perfect place to continue their journey.